Illustrations by artists from the healthcare and social service sector, as well as by artists from the public

What's most essential to us? Beginning this conversation at a virtual meeting, Crystal invited 15 healthcare and social service artists to express their reflections about the pandemic period through 10-minute paper sketches.  What emerged was a common need to clarify, connect and take chances. Continuing this conversation, she invited various artists of the public to sketch a response to their choice of a healthcare or social service artist’s sketch, as well as to related prompts such as "what's on your mind?", "who are you connecting with?", "are there waves you're surfing?" View a selection of their shared reflections in this gallery.

"My mind is buzzing here and there, reacting to this COVID period. I’m trying to take time out to observe myself and to reach a more peaceful state.

"Nature comes alive!"

"It's rare to experience such a sight in Singapore."

" I feel that the world is very unsafe –  like we’re all playing in a (dangerous) Pacman game, while I’m at one safe corner of the world (Singapore) feeling a sense of gratitude and hope.”

"I continue to rise up to keep on fighting the “waves”, keeping my focus on what matters and who is in control."

"Work continues, but without rest and time to take stock. My emotions about work are stuck at the last reflection time."

"I feel that I've related to my dog who passed this COVID season. She loved to look out of the house longingly.  And this season has made me miss her company and also step in her shoes with a longing to go out to play."

"Exhale, breathe deep, savour the freedom!"

"Because of safe distancing measures, we now have a lot more personal space (enforced!) in public places eg. queues."

"Isolation angers me. People are meant to live together to experience pain and sorrow and to share in joy."

"I have never felt the family spending so much time together before. Eg. exercise together, having meals together, baking with love and fun."

"With mom stuck in Melbourne, I had to get used to doing it all on my own. Nespresso was my routine that perked me up!"

"Feels like a never-ending up and down."

"Sailing in stormy uncharted waters."

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