How do we converse in the virtual world?

Three Immersive Experiences

If you like, put on your best headphones and a VR headset to experience the sounds and visuals moving in 360.

Click on each blue button and experience these on the YouTube platform directly.
Also, change your quality settings on YouTube to 2160s.

Seeking Peace features Joni Tan dancing to short snippets of soundscapes that were created by Crystal Goh using every day sounds from the park and home settings. These sounds were created as open sites of content where meaning could be contested. 


Giving minimal context about their origins, Crystal posted each sound on a Facebook post with an invitation for anyone within her virtual community to express an interpretation. 


These interpretations were further translated into three dance choreographies by Joni and performed in one cohesive 360 realm at Pasir Ris park as a contrast to the fragmented online realm. Seeking Peace was produced in collaboration with Cheng Shian Wen.

Essential Reflections is an immersive collage created in mixed metaphor style. To create this collage, Crystal invited 15 healthcare and social service artists to express their reflections about the pandemic period during a two-hour Zoom meeting.
These reflections were expressed through 10-minute paper sketches and melodic motifs that were composed on a virtual piano during the virtual meeting. The common themes that emerged were a need to clarify, connect and take chances. 
Various artists of the public were then invited to reflect on their choice of a healthcare or social service artist’s sketch and to respond with their own mini sketches and reflections. 
In creating a 360 collage that featured the melodies and sketches expressing the themes, Crystal employed pattern-based digital textural techniques to highlight various still sketches at different points of the film and paired the melodic compositions to the timbres of every day environmental sounds, inspired by their reflections.

RGB Silence is based on the accounts of friends who experienced or expressed silence during our shared communal isolation. 
It features Joni moving to short snippets of “uncomfortable” soundscapes that were created by Crystal using every day sounds from the home setting. 
Exploring the unspoken nuances of silences during our shared communal isolation, the film moves through a range of virtual silences, segmented by different parts of a house and follows a sequence of red, then green and finally blue. RGB Silence was produced in collaboration with Cheng Shian Wen.